Bata Best Sellers: Rockin’ Ankle Boots in Chile

Bata Chile debuted an ankle boot in its Fall/Winter 2017 collection that rocked its consumers’ worlds. Taking inspiration from the Guns N’ Roses rock band, the popular shoe goes by “Guns.”

The team says the main ingredients to this boot’s success are how comfortable it is and the wide age range of women it targets. Young women can wear these shoes easily, but more mature women will also feel totally cool in them.

Of course, the boot’s looks are also crucial. It has a casual, clean design that mean it can be worn for different occasions. The finish and detail also give the shoe a high perceived value.

The upper, which is made of polyurethane, has a quality finish that makes the shoe look leather-like.

The stylish chunky heel and lug sole are very attractive to women shopping for ankle boots. Not only do they look good, the medium heavy thermoplastic rubber outsole provides great grip and comfort on winter days. Consumers also appreciate the four-centimeter height of the heel, which is very comfortable.

This boot has been a successful and profitable shoe for Bata Chile.

Guns was offered in all Bata stores in Chile in two colors. While black has always been the No. 1 color, the market is opening again to different shades of brown, and the team calibrated correctly that brown would work even better for this shoe.

In keeping with the Bata Core Value “Be Bold,” Bata Chile made a large initial order and got results with an 83 percent sell out rate. With a retail price of US$50, it is a mid-range shoe with a margin of 65 percent.

This shoe never went on sale and started selling even when the weather was still warm. Bata Chile consumers clearly loved the look, the feel and the price.

“This kind of shoe is absolutely necessary in our collections,” commented Maria Teresa del Campo, women’s collection manager for Bata Chile stores. “It is a product so successful that we can buy it in a vast assortment, securing great performance in terms of sales and margin.”