Bata Best Sellers: PataPata Ashanti Sets Feet Free

Pata Pata Ashanti is a unique collection from Bata Kenya that lets women express their individual style and African spirit.

The target consumer for these flip-flops is a fashion driven “Angela” who is looking for more from her PataPata collection. She loves sharing each and every moment with her family and friends, and she is stylish and daring in setting her feet free.

The shoe features a rubberized EVA sole, but what really sets it apart is a ceramic bead handcrafted from clay from the Mount Kenya area and hand painted. Pata Pata Ashanti is available in square, oval, or texturized round beads in a wide range of vibrant colors.

The authentic materials are matched by a unique production story. The beads are crafted in the Kazuri Beads workshop, which trains single mothers in Nairobi who have no other source of income. These women apply their skills to produce the beautiful one-of-a-kind beads for the premium PataPata Ashanti collection.

In light of the collaboration’s empowerment of disadvantaged women, PataPata Ashanti was the winner in the Improving Lives category of the Bata Awards in 2015, the year the project went on the market.

Women looking for daring and authentic style can find PataPata Ashanti in select Bata and Kazuri retail stores across Africa, as well as online from Bata Kenya.

Alberto Errico, president for Africa, commented, "Bata Kenya is pleased to have an exclusive partnership with Kazuri to produce this fashionable product that is enriching the lives of these single mothers. This partnership is creating jobs and extra income for them to live a better life. This product is unique, since each PataPata Ashanti bead is handmade and hand-painted. Bata Kenya has sold over 19,000 pairs, and consumers in Africa look fashionable in their footwear while supporting a bankable cause."