Bata Best Sellers: Kowloon Fit for Hike or High Street

Bata Indonesia introduced the Kowloon model by Weinbrenner to the market in October 2016, and it has proved to be a firm favorite since it first made its debut. The rugged-yet-comfortable shoe is perfect for daily use as part of a casual outfit, and is extremely well-suited to both urban and countryside environments.

While the looks of this model clearly indicate that trekking and hiking are part of its DNA, its name, Kowloon, comes from the most populous urban area in Hong Kong, indicating that this shoe is equally at home in the big city. The collection certainly appears to have found a winning formula in the region, as Bata Indonesia sold well over 2,000 pairs in 2016, despite the shoe only being introduced toward the end of the year.

The shoe is designed to appeal to young male customers who seek adventure and new challenges every day. Although its rugged construction makes it a shoe that can be relied upon to perform in demanding natural environments, the Kowloon retains the stylish appearance of a training shoe, meaning that it can easily be worn with a pair of jeans for a casual look.

To attain such a durable construction, the Kowloon is made of a PU and mesh upper, with a PU insock and TPR outsole, combining to make the shoe breathable as well as rugged and reliable. Available in a range of color options with two-tone upper, the Kowloon always stands out on store displays, with a spirit of adventure that tells its own story. The range is sourced from the CFS office and is produced in China.

Imran Malik, country manager of Bata Indonesia, gave Bata World News his opinion of the Kowloon range, commenting: “This type of unique adventure collection is something new and contemporary in our market, and it has been our best seller since first coming to our stores.”

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