Bata Best Sellers: In Chile, a Timeless But Modern Boot

A men’s shoe called Icon – a cool update on the classic Chelsea boot – has stood out in Bata Chile’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

This shoe is part of the all-leather 1894 Collection. The 1894 concept rolled out in Chilean stores in March and conjures Bata’s rich heritage: The company was founded by three Baťa siblings in 1894. Campaign artwork proclaims, “Life Crafted. Bata: Making Shoes Since 1894.”

Icon’s target is urban young people who are up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. For these consumers, Icon has it all. An important selling point is that the shoe is made of genuine suede. And while it is a timeless Chelsea – a pull-on ankle boot with elastic gussets – the upper is styled to be cool and modern.

The Bata Chile team has sourced materials in Brazil in order to react to fast fashion and provide the latest trends in stores immediately.

“Image makers like Icon are keys to making the whole collection more attractive, and they represent how Bata is moving forward with trends,” commented Matias León, men’s collection manager for Bata Chile stores .

Gigiola Casaretto, chief collection manager for Bata Chile stores, added, “All of the inspiration for new products is due to the work that the categories team carries out day to day in order to research new tendencies in the market, preserve the essence of the Bata brand and make a difference for our products in the local market. Thank you to the whole categories team.”