Atletico Campaign Set to Launch Globally

The times when people went to the office elegantly dressed, with elegant shoes, seem to be gone. Now they want to feel more comfortable, dynamic, but still keep that elegant appeal, and are turning to sneakers. With Atletico, Bata has a lot to offer these people.

Bata has a strong sports legacy, and the Atletico collection rediscovers these roots through a cool new reinterpretation of vintage sport products. The goal is to reposition the brand, following the athleisure trend and keeping the authenticity of Bata’s own history.

Bata’s global marketing manager Jana Barbati Chadová told Bata World News, “The strong sports legacy of our brand has never been communicated. In order to give Atletico its own identity, the creative concept of the campaign will balance Bata’s legacy and dynamicity in a totally cool, modern and fresh way.”

The creative concept of the campaign was carefully crafted to give Atletico a distinct identity. The balance is 100 percent “cool,” 40 percent “heritage” and 30 percent “dynamic.”

The campaign guidelines and other materials are available on Batalogue.

The artwork proclaims, “Bata Atletico Collection: The legend reloaded.”

The materials communicate precise ideas to consumers, including being able to wear a one and only icon, bring the best from the past to the future, and be attractively contemporary and dynamic.

Five main photographic shots put the product itself front and center. For men, there are Atletico black jogging shoes and blue tennis shoes. For women, it’s black tennis shoes, white high-tops and nude pink jogging shoes.

The pair of shoes is shown floating, with just one toe touching the ground to show a connection to reality. The surroundings are concrete, to evoke an urban setting, and the shadow of a net brings to mind a sports legacy.

The campaign will be launched in 66 countries in August and September.

Marcos Canovas, global brand manager, underlined, “The goal is to reposition the brand following the athleisure trend, keeping the authenticity of Bata history. The Atletico collection was born to rediscover Bata’s sports roots through a modern and authentic reinterpretation of vintage sports products.”