Another Strategic Store Opening for Bata Zimbabwe

In line with its 2017 business strategy, Bata Zimbabwe celebrated the opening of a brand new Bata store. It is located on the busiest street in the city of Masvingo and has shown immense potential, with performance fully meeting estimates since opening.

Country manager Ehsan Zaman did the honors of officially opening the store on June 2. He was flanked by his wife; Gibson Muzambe, retail operations manager; and Patrick Gumbo, district sales manager.

A market survey of Masvingo, population 70,000, found it to be underserved by the single store located on the outskirts of the city, which caters to travelers. This new Bata store is located right in the heart of downtown and will be very convenient for locals, as it is near the largest grocery store as well as banks.

“Ensuring that this store had a sizeable selling area was our top priority, as this location is intended to fast track the recovery of the Masvingo market share,” Muzambe commented. “In the 1980s, we had four Bata stores in Masvingo, and this marks the opening of the second. We will be able to comfortably accommodate lots of customers in this store without compromising our quality of service.” The total area of the store is 270 square meters, with the selling area taking up 170 square meters.

This opening marks the 59th Bata store in Zimbabwe and the 30th up-to-date City store, with LED lighting and the latest furniture and lifestyle visuals. The store accommodates 650 or more lines, which have been made available due to the company’s significant improvement in production capacity.

The official opening day saw scores of people gather in the front of the store, thoroughly enjoying the performance of traditional dancers as they waited to enter the store and take a look at the products. A spin wheel by the entrance provided further entertainment, giving any customer who spent over $20 an opportunity to win a prize.

Following remarks from the country manager, customers admired the store’s defined segmentation, trendy lifestyle posters and product-driven visuals that clearly illustrate the brand story.

“I am very happy and pleased with the progress within my district and the great team work,” Gumbo said. “The overall store ambience is now unmatched in the city and has provided the city with a refreshed atmosphere. The combination of modern displays and new furniture has significantly improved the shopping experience for our valued customers. The new store will allow us to display more lines of merchandise for our customers to easily view, thanks to the new local production. I am confident that we are going to regain more of our customers.”