Angela’s Closet: Bata’s New Global Market Research Tool
Market Trends

Angela's Closet has been developed to provide Bata teams around the world with a powerful market research tool. It allows everyone at Bata – locally as well as globally – to learn what kind of shoes and accessories the brand’s target consumers really wear and what they think about them.

Angela, of course, is the moniker for Bata’s target consumer. To create Angela’s Closet, each marketing manager selects several women matching Angela’s profile and creates a simple online account for each of them: just first name, email address and region.

Each Angela receives an activation email including a link leading to her Angela’s Closet profile. She completes the form with her personal and demographical information.

Most importantly, she takes pictures of all her shoes and describes them briefly using the shoe gallery forms in her profile.

The application is intended to be used mainly with mobile phones, so Angela should be encouraged to use her mobile phone to take photos and upload them to her profile.

What’s in it for Angela? For their effort, participating consumers will be rewarded with several pairs of shoes they like in their Bata stores. Angela will hopefully also feel part of the Bata family, a person whose opinion matters to her favorite brand.

And what about Bata? The brand will get really up-close consumer insights from all over the world. All marketing managers will be able to view Angela profiles from their own as well as other countries and get an idea of consumers’ habits and preferences.

"We will see what our consumers actually buy and wear, and what they would love to buy if they were not limited by, for example, finances,” commented Jana Barbati Chadová, Bata’s global marketing manager. “Moreover, our marketing team will be able to approach Angelas repeatedly, any time we need consumer data about new products, innovations, etc."

Go to Batalogue to download the instructions for Angela’s Closet, and contact the Bata the Brand team with any questions.