A Success Story for BCP Zimbabwe Close to Home

As one of its four main focal points, the Bata Children's Program (BCP) helps to provide education to children in the communities in which it is present. Recently, Prosper Bachi, Bata's very own country manager in Zambia, wrote to thank BCP for helping his son to achieve his dreams, after he graduated from university.

Bachi’s son, Julian Kudzai Bachi, (pictured above with his parents) grew up in Gweru, Zimbabwe, and his parents moved him to the Sarah Bata Primary School in the fourth grade. His family moved him to the new school as they were well aware of its excellent reputation for offering a great all-round education having one of the best libraries in the country, thereby offering him the ability to read and to appreciate books.

After completing his secondary school studies, Julian Bachi attended the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, where he recently graduated with a degree in environmental science and sustainable buildings. His choice of degree was thanks to his former headmaster at the Sarah Bata Primary School, Nugget Manyima, who had passed on his passion for the subject to the boy, teaching the children about the importance of caring for the environment around them, another of the BCP’s main focal points.

Prosper Bachi, speaking about his son’s achievements, commented: “We as a family are very proud of the Bata family in terms of what they have given to us and also to the community. Bata will always be part of our life, and my son remains very proud of the education and the foundation he received from the Bata school. When he visits Gweru, he will definitely keep in touch with his former school, and encourage others to strive for a better life, which comes with a good education.”

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