A Promising Makeover for Bata Store in Uganda

The Bata store in Jinja, Uganda recently underwent a major overhaul. With a new target consumer, numerous new lines, a reviving town and immediately doubled footfall, the Ugandan team has cause for optimism.

The outlet was previously a Depot selling volume lines, principally PataPata and gumboots.

Now, the new Bata Family store is offering expanded lines and giving Jinja residents a new shopping experience. The ambiance of the store was improved for its middle-class consumer target.

Jinja’s location at the source of the world’s longest river, the Nile, makes it attractive to tourists. It is also a metropolitan town of over 350,000 that was once the industrial leader in Uganda. The government is dedicated to revamping the town and restarting its dormant industries.

To celebrate the store’s makeover, there was a one-week promotional discount and a special three-person sales team to greet customers.

The store reopened its doors for leisure shopping in May, and its footfall doubled from April to May.

District sales manager Dennis Kiire told Bata World News from on site, “The new face of the Jinja Bata store has excited the town, and life is bubbling in this particular street where Bata is located. There are signs of good things to come. Watch what happens with the addition of our new arrivals.”