A Chic Debut for Bata Bullets in Prague

The Czech team recently brought about a unique comeback of the legendary Bata Bullets in their country. The shoe was introduced with a limited edition and the involvement of local young designers and ambassadors including world-renowned designer Maxim Velčovský. The launch succeeded in turning heads in the sneaker community.

It began with a competition for design school students, with the goal of attracting young customers and building on historical links between Bata and local art and design schools. Secondary school art and design students were given an opportunity to create their own visuals for the Bata Bullets story.

Velčovský, who headlined the competition, attended the awards ceremony for the five winners. They received financial prizes, and their school was able to choose class materials directly from the factory in Dolní Němčí.

“We chose Maxim as one of the most influential contemporary Czech designers, a former student of the Secondary School of Applied Art, and also for his personal bond with the Bata company since his grandfather was a manager at Bata,” explained marketing manager Ondrej Cedidla.

Bata Bullets were officially launched in the Czech Republic on May 16 at an event at the Flagship store in Prague’s Wenceslas Square that was attended by more than 30 journalists and bloggers. The students’ designs were on display on the store’s third floor, where they remained until the exhibition was transferred to Bata’s hometown of Zlin on June 14.

The Bata Bullets limited edition will be sold at select Bata stores as well as through Footshop, the largest Czech sneaker retailer. The deal with Footshop was a major success for the Bata team and helped spread the word in the sneaker community that adores independent labels and vintage, limited and rare shoe editions.

The launch achieved its overarching aim of attracting young people in their 20s and 30s who live in larger cities and are interested in design, music and the urban lifestyle. By choosing ambassadors who are close to the target group and by adopting an understandable and attractive tone in communications, the team was able to deliver the right message to the right audience.