We Are Bata People: Gary Yee Sends In a Selfie

Bata World News recently received a selfie that stood out for the moment in time it captured. The snapshot from Gary Yee shows a relaxed moment during the organization's first Global Product Review in Italy.

How do you fit into the Bata world?

My Job title is senior manager of supply chain management in China Footwear Services Limited, or CFS, which is essentially the sourcing arm of Bata Shoe Organization. In my current job, I am one of the links between suppliers and Bata companies in fulfilling part of the product requirements and sourcing, ensuring the companies receive what they buy on time with the right quality expectations.

Who is in your selfie?

Next to me is Mr. Miguel Angel Ruiz, who is the technical product development manager in CFS. In fact, all the other people you see in the background are from the big Bata family from all over the world! Everyone was excited and anxious at the same time as we had just concluded the first ever GPR, and we were on the way to enjoy a group dinner in a beautiful city.

What does it show? What is the story?

This selfie was taken at the Tronchetto Pier in Venice, where all participants in the GPR were gathering in one place before boarding a couple of boats to go to the San Marco Pier. While waiting, I thought it would be nice to take a selfie as something to remember this historical event by. It is after all the first time ever we had a Global Product Review meeting in Italy and a group dinner in the historical city of Venice. It was kind of crazy and fun to have so many Bata employees in one place!

What do you like most about your job?

For the current job, I would say it’s the daily challenges I face in ensuring all goods are delivered on time to all the Bata companies and the constant need to be on high alert, as well as looking into ways to improve the job and work-flow itself, as my department’s main KPI is on-time delivery. Overall, being in Bata, I would say the opportunities to grow, travel, meet people from around the world, and the opportunity to do something more each year that has been given to me throughout the last 12 years.