Power Skipaholics Team Tours Schools
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Skip, perform and impress! Those are the watchwords of the Power Skipaholics team, which is making the rounds of schools across Singapore to promote the sport of skipping rope.

The first stop was the co-ed Montfort Secondary School, in northeastern Singapore, on March 7. More than 600 students between the ages of 13 and 16 were entertained by the talents of the Power Skipaholics team before joining in the fun.

The Power Skipaholics team is a group of female rope-skipping enthusiasts who have been putting on performances to entertain and spread the message of health and fitness since 2010. Their performances showcase single rope skipping, partner skipping, long rope skipping and double Dutch.

Power has been the team’s partner since 2014 with the sponsorship of Power footwear for the coaches as well as the sponsorship of Jumpfest, an annual competition held for all schools in Singapore and attended by more than 1,000 school students and skipping enthusiasts.

This July, the 2016 Jumpfest will involve the top teams from over 50 schools. Rope skipping is an activity offered in all Singaporean schools.

“By partnering with the Skipaholics, we are able to connect with the students on the ground level and in their environment, which is challenging under the Ministry of Education’s strict regulations,” commented Pierluigi Pontecorvo, company manager of Bata Singapore. “We hope that with such activities, we are able to increase brand awareness among students.”