PERSON OF THE WEEK: Meet Sebastian Antezana, Bata Awards Winner

Sebastian Antezana is Group product coordinator at China Footwear Services, and was part of the team that won the “Count on Me” category of the Bata Awards 2015, for their Bata Procurement System mobile app. Bata World News spoke to him to learn how he was able to bring his experience and skills to the project.

What is your history with Bata? What is your current role?

I have been with the company for almost six years. I began my career with Bata Chile in November, 2010, as a designer at the Shoe Innovation Centre, specifically for the Weinbrenner and Teener brands. In 2014, I was given the opportunity to work at China Footwear Services as Group product coordinator, where I expanded my knowledge, not only in the design area.

What has been your proudest Bata moment so far?

I have had many good moments that I am proud of. Participating in a brand with such potential as Weinbrenner, and having the opportunity to be a part of the mobile application project Bata Procurement System are certainly some of my best moments at the company.

What was your role in the development of the Bata Award-winning mobile procurement system?

As coordinator for Latam products, my role was to carry out the testing of user applications, and provide information on how buyers benefit. Therefore, to facilitate the successful deployment of this project in the Latin American region, I made sure that all buyers understood the key features of this application, and its relationship to the web version.

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? What was the most rewarding?

A difficult aspect was switching to a new platform for buying, and using the mobile application for all regions at the SRM. Often it is difficult to present a completely different alternative to conventional methods, but we reiterated the benefits of using this application, and received a positive response from buyers.

I think the most rewarding aspect is the buyers’ acceptance, and seeing it implemented in all regions is undoubtedly the greatest happiness obtained after a long process.

How does it feel to be one of the five category winners of the Bata Awards 2015?

I am very happy, because it is a source of great pride for each of us. It was a team effort and I congratulate all those who were part of this project.

The possibility of working with a group of people from different countries and different cultures made me learn a lot, and helped us adapt to the new ideologies and needs required for each region.

Why do you think people voted for your project?

First of all, I would like to thank all those who voted for and believed in this project. They saw its potential, and understood that we are moving toward a more advanced stage.

Personally, I think it is due to the efficiency and simplicity of the mobile application. The main idea of the BPS mobile app is to streamline the working environment and facilitate the various stages, from product selection to the receipt of purchase orders. Today we have many communication resources through mobile phones, and it is certainly a great step that we have taken.

What results have you seen from the project? What part of it has given you most satisfaction?

Undoubtedly the most rewarding part is seeing how the application is being implemented in all regions, and feeling that it has been facilitated in part by the process in which we have been involved.

Finally, what would you like to tell the wider Bata community about your work within the organization?

Bata has been a very important professional school for me. I have had the privilege of working with very capable teams, and I’ve been able to adapt to them while gaining new experience and improving my skills as a professional. I firmly believe that teamwork and feedback, within the different areas of work, are the key to effective results.

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