Helix: The New Perfect Fit for Bata Industrials Customers Down Under

Launching this March, the new Helix range is a joint design and construction project between Bata Netherlands and Bata Australia and New Zealand. It meets the specific needs of the Australian and New Zealander worker and makes Bata Industrials the first in the region to offer D30 impact protection technology.

Helix comes in three hardworking-style boots to meet the Aussie tradesmen needs: Horizon, Trekker and Longreach.

The advanced D30 technology employs an energy-absorbing cushioning system which helps reduce impact fatigue and stress to the wearer’s feet and joints. The range’s lightweight TPU and PU construction also allows for shock absorption, impact protection and a unique comfort suited to modern workers, who are on their feet all day, every day. These features are enhanced with premium underfoot comfort features, extra thick soft PU midsoles and comfort PU insoles.

“March 2016 sees the launch of our new Helix range of industrial work boots,” commented Michael Hatfield of Bata Industrials Australia. “With local styling and all the new comfort features, I’m sure we will be able to win new business at the premium end of the market and further strengthen our customers’ image of the Bata Industrials brand.”

Michael Wyatt, company manager of Bata Australia, said, "Helix is a great example of intercompany collaboration. The project follows global brand rules and DNA but is still 100 percent developed to suit local work boot trends, environments and market needs, and we could not be happier with the result! To get 100 percent positive feedback from wear tests is rare, and customers are now singing our praises as dispatched orders are received.

“Unlike many other industrial markets,” he continued, “Australia and New Zealand’s large middle class income bracket means customers are comfortable paying $100 to $200 for a pair of premium work boots. A young fashion-conscious workforce also drives local trends, such as the wheat color and classic minimalistic styling you will see in the Helix range, which has been integral in our design process.”

Bata Australia and New Zealand is already generating buzz around the Helix range through its Facebook page.