Group CEO Alexis Nasard Interviewed on CNN Indonesia

On August 30, Group CEO Alexis Nasard was a guest on CNN Indonesia for a 30-minute interview to discuss Bata's new direction for the future, and to give insight on his vision for the company.

The interview took place live at the CNN Indonesia studios in Jakarta, where Nasard spoke with CNN news anchor Hera Haryn. The 30-minute feature included three segments of interviews discussing business and the economy in general, and also specifically focusing on Bata’s position in the footwear market. Also present on the day were Roberto Longo, President of Asia-Pacific, and Imran Malik, country manager of Bata Indonesia.

During the talk, Nasard discussed the strategy that will be used by Bata going forward, highlighting the importance of the company’s long history and strong values, and spoke about the factors that set Bata apart from its competitors in the footwear sector.

He continued by saying that it is an exciting time to be in the footwear industry as there are many changes that are currently happening, such as a growing middle class with greater levels of disposable income in many countries, that provide business opportunities.

Speaking about his priorities for Bata, Nasard explained: "I like trilogies, so we have three priorities, which are our strategic focus areas. The first one is what I call ‘product is king.’ We have to be able to offer cool shoes that people want. The second is ‘inspiring retail’…Fun, fit and service…You have more fun when you go shopping at a brick-and-mortar store. The third priority is what I call ‘marketing swagger.’ We have to make our marketing much sexier."

Nasard also explained that the key to success in the retail market in future will be the ability for companies to synchronize their various sales channels, including brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce offerings, in order to offer the best possible experience to customers. He also discussed Bata’s target customer, referred to as ‘Angela,’ saying that Bata is not only looking to increase its customer base, but also encourage current customers to buy its premium products as well as their traditional purchases.

Speaking about the interview, Malik commented: “We took the opportunity of Mr. Alexis Nasard’s visit to Indonesia to arrange an exclusive interview with CNN Indonesia, so that he could talk about Bata and its new path in the near future. It is good coverage for the brand and for Bata Indonesia, as well as enhancing the brand image in the eyes of the customers.”

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