BCP Thailand Helps Children Plant Mangroves at Recreation Center

The Bata Children's Program (BCP) Thailand, together with 30 vulnerable children, recently planted mangrove trees at the Bangpu Recreation Center in the Samutprakrn province. The initiative was aimed at protecting the habitat and biodiversity of this coastal region and raising the children’s awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment.

The project involved 80 BCP volunteers and 30 children aged between 10 and 15 years old from the Kru Mui Homeless Childcare Center. The children had the opportunity to go out and learn about the environment and the importance of protecting the country’s natural capital.

The Bangpu Recreation Center is a nature reserve about 12 kilometers east of Bangkok. The park is jointly run by the Royal Thai Army and the Thai WWF, and was officially established on the 72nd birthday of Queen Sirikit in 2004. By the end of 2016, there are plans to grow 84,000 plants to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.

Before the activity began, the children were given clothes to wear for planting the saplings of the mangroves. BCP Thailand also donated school shoes and socks to the children of the Kru Mui Homeless Center.

Eugenio Olabe, company manager of Bata Thailand, who also volunteered at the event, told the children: “The young shoots you plant today will grow together with you.” His words gave the children energy, and a passion to take part in further activities of a similar nature.

Despite hot weather and large quantities of mud, the volunteers were determined to succeed in their endeavors. BCP Thailand aimed to set a good example to these children, as they will become part of the country’s future. Teaching them the value of caring for the environment will help them continue to cherish and protect nature all through their lives.

Arisara Thongtip, a volunteer from BCP Thailand, stated: “This is the first time that we come together to plant, and it makes me very proud to contribute to saving the environment. I hope to have more activities like this.”

After finishing their activity, the children and BCP volunteers went to wash off the dirt and mud, and then enjoyed a well-deserved lunch with ice cream together.

Mrs Mui, one of the teachers from the childcare center, added: “The children had a new experience today, and I can see the power of teamwork from all Bata volunteers with my children. I can see the happiness of all the people here.”

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