Bata Kenya To Halve Compressed Air Costs with New Machinery

On Jan. 26, Bata Kenya introduced a new air compressor in its factory in a bid to reduce waste, and optimize the utilization of the compressed air required to operate machinery and equipment.

Bata Kenya has installed a direct-drive, rotary air compressor that is oil injected and energy efficient, to be used in the various shoemaking processes in which it is required. This replaces older compressors that consumed more energy while generating less.

Prior to the introduction of the equipment, a thorough study was conducted throughout the plant, as well as a scan to assess the actual consumption. The layout and gradient of impulse piping and condensate drain legs in and around the factory were checked for correctness, and modified as per requirements.

After determining the consumption pattern, the best-suited equipment for the purpose was selected.

Alberto Errico, company manager of Bata Kenya, commented: “The energy consumption with the earlier set-up was 1,024 megawatt-hours per year. The consumption with the new equipment per year is estimated at 541 megawatt-hours. In monetary terms, the previous annual energy bill for generation of compressed air was 15.74 million Kenyan shillings, or 155,000 U.S. dollars. With the new set-up, the estimated energy bill should be 8.31 million Kenyan shillings, or 81,000 U.S. dollars.”

He added: “The machine payback time is estimated to be 132 days. The Bata engineering team, lead by Samarjit Ghosh has made another important contribution toward upgrading our factory and implementing another savings initiative.”

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