Bata Industrials Thailand Exhibits at Safety Week 2016

From June 30 to July 2, Bata Industrials Thailand participated in the country's Safety Week 2016 event that took place at the BITEC conference centre in Bangkok. There they exhibited new product models for safety officers working in factories and industry in Thailand.

The event was attended by over 1,200 visitors, with 400 of those visitors showing interest in Bata’s safety shoe collection, especially the Project Bright Global Collection. Project Bright is a new range of safety shoes from Bata Industrials that stand out from the crowd due to their sneaker-like appearance, colorful design and featherlike comfort. All Bright safety shoes have a composite toecap, and are available for both men and women.

During the event, the Bata Industrials team held a seminar and review session for personal protective equipment products, demonstrating to customers that these products not only suit their daily work routine, but also fulfill legal requirements regarding manufacturing standards.

The team also conducted a new product line presentation to all visitors, focused on supporting more sectors in manufacturing. The feedback they received from visitors was that they truly believe in the Bata Industrials brand in terms of its quality, design, and reputation.

Jitrapa Sajapalaporn, non-retail sales manager for Bata Industrials Thailand, stated: “By participating in this event we have recognized the true demand for our products in the Thai market. We will continue to make greater leaps toward realizing our true potential, in order to continuously grow our safety shoe business now and into the future.”

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