Bata Industrials Shows Off New Collection with Promo Video

Earlier this year, Bata Industrials revealed its latest collection of safety shoes, named “Bright.” The aim of the new range is to offer a young and fashion-orientated customer group a selection of cool and colorful safety shoes. The collection is inspired by the popular sneaker, including both classic and modern styles, and is designed to show that “safe” does not have to mean “boring.”

To connect with target customers, the Bata Industrials team has partnered with Vibram to produce a promo film featuring the new range. The video features Christiaan Versteegh, the Bata Industrials designer who created the collection, as the breakdancer.

Combining lightweight materials, the Vibram outsole, designed specially for Bata, and the optional BOA closure system, the new range offers a completely metal-free safety shoe that meets the highest safety standards, yet is amongst the lightest in the industry.

Harm Daems, Bata Industrials manager, commented: “With this new addition to our product portfolio, Bata Industrials is clearly showing its ability to meet the requirements of a very wide and differentiated customer base, without compromising on the main objective: safety and health on the work floor.”

Joey Chan, Bata Industrials China sourcing manager, added: “Given the high pressure on premium quality combined with competitive pricing, we have selected one of our prime factories in Wenzhou, which is specialized in cement-constructed sportive safety shoes, as partner for this outstanding range. This ascertains a consistent performance in all important aspects.”

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