Bata Industrials Pakistan Displays Collection at International Exhibition

From May 19 to 21, Bata Industrials Pakistan participated in the 14th International Pakistan Oil Gas and Energy Exhibition (POGEE), held at the Expo Center in Lahore. More than 25 countries, including China, Korea, UAE, France, Bahrain and Poland participated, with over 150 booths in total.

POGEE is a leading trade show in Pakistan, providing an outstanding opportunity for meaningful interaction and collaboration between businesses and their prospective customers. The show attracts large number of visitors, which gives the Bata Industrials brand significant exposure.

The Bata Industrials team created a modern booth to exhibit their basic-to-premium safety collection at the event. The global collection was also exhibited, including projects like Bickz, Scorpio, Bora and Hero. The Bickz collection, a casual and stylish safety shoe designed for maximum comfort and grip, remained the highlight of the event, attracting visitors from a variety of industries and sectors.

During the event, the team also made numerous contacts, interacting with decision makers from different sectors where safety equipment is essential. They took the opportunity to brief them about different features that can be provided, according to work environment requirements. These features include, anti-static, insulation, anti-penetration, water resistance, oil and acid resistance, heat resistance and high voltage resistance.

Muhammad Qayyum, company manager of Bata Pakistan, commented: “POGEE has always provided us with a brilliant platform to showcase our products, interact with our customers directly and receive their recommendations and feedback. With our dynamic team and the enthusiastic response received from the customers at the event, I’m positive that together we will achieve greater heights for Bata Industrials.”

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