Bata Industrials Europe Steps into the Future with Nova

Bata Industrials Europe is already known for producing high-quality safety shoes in its factory located in Best in the Netherlands. After years of extensive research and development, it has now created the Nova collection for increased performance and comfort.

Angelo Checchi, research and development manager at Bata Industrials Europe, wanted to make the shoes easy to understand. He explained: "The shoes need to tell the story, and the Nova shows right away that it is not just a shoe; it is a safety shoe with high-tech features and extra support. It is a very functional and timeless design transferred into a product. That’s the essence of the Nova collection."

The Nova range incorporates the latest Walkline 2.0 technology to push the boundaries of safety and comfort. The shoe combines high-tech microfiber materials and breathable fabrics with a flexible, dynamic TPU Quattrotech and Walkline 2.0 sole to create a shoe that is designed for safety but looks ultra-stylish as well.

State-of-the-art footwear design, combined with high-tech materials and technologies, means that the new range of Walkline 2.0 shoes look and feel like no other safety shoe before. New last designs offer an exceptional level of fit and comfort, and new dynamic Walkline 2.0 soles mean every step is light and energetic, while remaining cushioned and protected.

The light, breathable materials of Nova, such as microfiber and thermoplastic molded PU uppers and a TPU sole, make it easy to wear and stay energized in any workplace. Besides models for light industry and logistics, the range also includes some heavy duty models available in the S3 safety category. The Nova collection will be available this summer in Europe through selected safety shoe distributors.

Carlos Casanello, commercial director of Bata Industrials Europe, stated: "Bata Industrials Europe will introduce this collection in different countries. We are already receiving orders from Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark and of course the Netherlands. For a long time the market has been waiting for an outstanding product like Nova. The first responses from our main customers and distributors have been very positive and so are sales estimations."

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