Bata Industrials Global Meeting Breeds Action Plans

In October, representatives of Bata Industrials from all continents flew to Best, the Netherlands for a global meeting at its offices there. The gathering ended with a host of action plans to be implemented.

Fernando Garcia, company manager of Bata Industrials International, remarked at the meeting that substantial progress has been made this year in the consistent and unified market approach of the Bata Industrials brand.

The representatives participated fully in discussions about how to capture business opportunities for Bata Industrials globally, and the team ultimately agreed on a host of action plans. They include the introduction of new products such as the Bright collection, the start of e-commerce through third parties such as Tolexo.com, and setting the goal to do even more business with global accounts such as SGS.

After the meeting, the team traveled to Duesseldorf, Germany to participate in the most important industry exhibition worldwide, the A+A Trade Fair. They interacted with customers at the impressive Bata Industrials stand and reviewed the competition for applicable ideas and inspiration.

“The fact that Bata Industrials representatives from 11 different countries participated in the world’s largest PPE [personal protection equipment] exhibition shows proof of the global presence of our company, one of our key competitive advantages,” said Harm Daems, global brand director of Bata Industrials. “The team was inspired by the example set by Bata Industrials Europe, in branding, marketing and products.”

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