European 5 Steps Lands in Armenia, Bringing Passion

Bata Armenia welcomed the new European 5 Steps training program to help sales teams to maximize skills and strategies as well as improve knowledge about product characteristics and advantages on a profoundly detailed level. The program encompassed concepts to ignite a “passion to serve, passion to sell, passion to enjoy our everyday job! “

Fabrizio Gangale, training manager at Compar, and Rabi Hasnabi, branch manager at Compar, organized this intensive training course that is being provided to franchisee partners across Europe. Held in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan a month ago, it was attended by more than 50 people in total, including all store managers.

The goal of the two-day seminar was to familiarize staff with Bata’s exclusive brands and products to develop a deeper insight into the world of Bata and the history of the company. Focus was also placed on differentiating product materials and understanding structures and technical descriptions, in addition to also learning sales techniques that will enhance staff effectiveness and performance.

"There is no better way to know what happens than to listen to our store managers who live the store experience. It’s extremely important for us to be in direct contact with our franchisee store staff and to train them in the best practices we have at Bata," commented Hasnabi on the importance of this training.

Participants noted the content was clearly and efficiently presented, well developed and extremely useful. Potential language barriers were overcome smoothly thanks to the help of marketing manager at Bata Armenia Mariam Gevorgyan, who learned Italian during her university studies in Italy.

The format of the training sessions was very interactive. Sales staff and store managers were encouraged to participate actively in the exercises after every theoretical portion of the seminar. Staff gained confidence through role-playing exercises, and the training quickly transitioned into the art of selling for those involved.

Participants especially enjoyed the topic on “what I do better and what can I do better” and believe the answers given will improve their daily activities both in and out of store.

Inessa Hovhannisyan, sales manager at Bata Armenia, encouraged everyone to carry the newly gained knowledge and their enthusiasm from the training into stores to transform education into active skills that not only heighten sales but also empower staff to grow as professionals in their sphere, to be a step ahead and to embody the team spirit of Bata as a large, international company.

In the end, Gangale asserted, “It was a wonderful experience for me and also, as in other previous experiences, a very challenging initiative due to the different cultural backgrounds and operations management between countries. The key challenge was showing the sales staff how to better perform their sales activities and take advantage of opportunities to enhance customer service, sharing with them the same techniques and knowledge that we have in all our Bata stores in Italy.”

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