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Julio 5, 2017
Bata in the news
On June 29, men's fashion website Rogue Homme published an article about Bata's latest edition of its iconic Bullets sneakers, featuring three new color options. The article, written by editor Arrnott Olssen and entitled “Add A Little Colour with BATA Heritage,” des...
Junio 27, 2017
On June 13, in advance of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday, 65 youngsters from a children’s home outside Kuala Lumpur gleefully embarked on a shoe-shopping expedition at a premier Bata store in the city.
Junio 26, 2017
Last week Bata World News received a special submission for We Are Bata People. Almost all the departments from Bata Thailand's headquarters took time out of their lunch break to get together and take a selfie for us. Thammathorn Puwat explained the photo and how much h...
Junio 21, 2017
The Bata Children’s Program (BCP) Malaysia is supporting the education of indigenous children in a village outside Kuala Lumpur through a multipronged approach.
Junio 19, 2017
Bata in the news
On June 1, Mega magazine, the top fashion magazine in the Philippines, published an article entitles “5 Reasons Why Bata Should Be in Your Shoe Collection,” in conjunction with a two-page feature on the company, printed in the June issue. In the article, chief edito...
Junio 16, 2017
Bata in the news
In the June issue of Mega magazine, the number one fashion magazine in the Philippines, chief editor Suki Salvador (pictured above with Thomas A. Bata and Thomas G. Bata) penned a two-page feature, entitled "Be Comfortable with it," after attending the Bata Fashion Week...
Junio 16, 2017
On June 12, Bata Singapore kicked off its latest Hari Raya campaign period, and once again it is looking to attract customers to its stores by offering an elegant and practical free gift that is perfect for the festive season.
Junio 13, 2017
Para celebrar el Día de la Madre, que este año cayó el 14 de mayo, Bata Filipinas organizó una iniciativa diseñada para agradecer a las mujeres por su duro trabajo y dedicación a sus familias a lo largo del año. La celebración del Día de la Madre ciertamente to...
Junio 9, 2017
In Malaysia, the season of Lebaran, or Hari Raya, is the most important selling season for Bata Malaysia, and the collection team has spent more than six months perfecting the collection to ensure it has a great variety of styles at the right price point. In order to in...