Bata in the News: New Heritage Colors for Bullets
Bata in the news

On June 29, men's fashion website Rogue Homme published an article about Bata's latest edition of its iconic Bullets sneakers, featuring three new color options. The article, written by editor Arrnott Olssen and entitled “Add A Little Colour with BATA Heritage,” describes the new additions to the range, and explains a little of the history of the original model.

Bata Bullets, originally produced in the 1960s and 1970s, were reintroduced at the beginning of 2016, thanks to a collaboration between Charles Pignal, manager of Bata Heritage; Michael Wyatt, company manager of Bata Australia and New Zealand; and Brad Rayson, designer at Bata Australia. The relaunch created a great deal of media attention, and the updated versions of Bata’s classic sneaker were a big hit with the young generation of sneaker aficionados.

Olssen, writing in the Rogue Homme article about the reasons for the new additions to the Bata Bullets lineup, explained: “Due to the huge success of the re-released Bata Bullets last year, Bata Bullets is introducing three new retro colourways to complement its capsule collection. The Bata Heritage range features classic canvas high and low cuts, reminiscent of the style worn by the NBA team, the Baltimore Bullets, in the 1960s.”

In fact, the Bata Bullets were first produced in 1964, in Belmont, Maryland USA, for the aforementioned basketball team, and remained the official footwear of the team for several years. So successful was the venture in fact, that according to the official website of the shoes, the Bullets brand later expanded into other sports including football, wrestling and cycling.

The Rogue Homme article also notes that the new models, which went on sale on June 12, are available in both low- and high-top versions in Heritage Blue, Heritage White and Heritage Pink, and can be bought from Bata’s dedicated e-commerce platform, as well as at a variety of top stores across Australia and New Zealand.

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